Roving Merchant

(Artwork by Phoenix)

"HEY! I made all this summer themed stuff thinking Glarbarra would've cooled down by then... Guess I was wrong!"

"Well, anyways... I got the usual, and some useful camping equipment! Lemme know whacyu want!"

(This shopkeeper only takesĀ tickets, which are earned via participating inĀ The Summer Melt.)

MYOs & Upgrades
Glacier Water Lite
Cost: 20
Stock: 20
Max 4 per user
Glacier Water Rare
Cost: 45
Stock: 3
Max 1 per user
Glacier Water Uncommon
Cost: 30
Stock: 10
Max 2 per user
Macaw, Blue
Cost: 10
Macaw, Red
Cost: 10
Cost: 10
Tiny Fox, Grey
Cost: 10
Tiny Fox, Orange
Cost: 10