[Closed] Fall Mystery Auction!

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It's the beginning of the best time of the year for those of us in the northern hemisphere: FALL!

I always feel inspired by the season, so I couldn't help but honor it with some mystery adopts!

Auction Rules

  • You must adhere to the species Terms of Service when using these adoptables on or off-site.
  • Please only bid what you know you can offer! If you pull your bid out you will be temporarily banned from future auctions.
  • Auctions end 24 hours after the final bid.  To bid, reply to one of the comments below, or notify TGI offsite.
  • After winning the auction and the money is transferred, you will receive your (secret) unwatermarked adoptable and the accompanying acorn artwork!


  • In the event that you do not like your mystery adoptable for any reason:
    • The resale period (which is normally two weeks) is lifted.
    • You may also return your adoptable to the seller in exchange for an MYO of the same rarity.


Adoptables for Sale

Bat Baby
Special Beelzebubby (Beelzebaby)
One Accessory
Simple Design (Few Colors, No Markings)

S'mores Baby
Common Beelzebubby (Beelzebaby)
Two Accessories
Semi-Complex Design (Few Colors, Some Markings)

Autumn Cowboy
Uncommon Beelzebubby
Two Accessories
Complex Design (Markings, Colors)

Pumpkin Patch
Rare Beelzebubby
Two Accessories
Complex Design (Accessory)

Place your Bids in the comments below!
(or message TGI offsite)