As a general statement, while the wording in these terms asks that you "please" refrain, breaking these rules is still considered a bannable offense. All offenses will be treated on a case-by-case basis with common sense as the ruling factor. Any abuse of this rules system will result in a permanent, unappealable ban.


Group and Discord Policies

  • Please treat your fellow members with respect. Assume the best in people until proven otherwise. 
  • Everyone is welcome in the group and discord! You do not have to own a BB to join. Non-BB topics are welcome in their specific channels.
  • Please keep all topics SFW. NSFW work of Bubbies is strictly prohibited.
  • Please keep all content PG-13. No excessive gore, violence, or anything you'd be afraid of your parents seeing, basically.
  • Please refrain from making topics political. Bubbies have no concerns with the current political climate and would prefer not to hear about it.
    • (This does not mean that discussion of personal identity (i.e. race, gender, etc) is off limits.)

Submission Policies

  • All Submissions to the-handbasket group must contain a Bubby of some kind. Any submissions non-bubby related will be rejected.
  • Please allow 24 hours for a submission to be accepted/rejected before approaching an admin. Sometimes it takes a while for someone to review.
  • Please keep all submissions SFW. NSFW work of Bubbies is strictly prohibited, as Bubbies is welcoming to members of all ages.
  • Please keep all submissions PG-13. No excessive gore, violence, or anything you'd be afraid of your parents seeing, basically.
  • Please refrain from making submissions political. Bubbies have no concerns with the current political climate and would prefer not to hear about it.
    • (As stated above, this does not include personal identities (in this case, gender.)
  • As a blanket rule, refrain from submitting something that could potentially disrespect another member. If you have to ask if it's okay, it's probably not!

Species Policies

  • Beelzebubbies aka "Bubbies" or "BBs" are a closed species by TG-I . You cannot make your own official BB without first purchasing an MYO or buying one through the group.
  • By all means "cute demonic goat babies" are not an original concept, and we do not claim to be original. The uniqueness of BBs comes through ARPG elements and group participation. You are welcome to make your own "demon goat" design without being affiliated with the group or giving TG-I credit.
  • All Artwork featuring a Beelzebubby must link back to the the-handbasket group, or to TG-I . This includes characters and all offsite posts.

Adoptables Policies

  • Only official BB designs may participate in group events. Official BB designs are BB designs that are posted in the masterlist (tomeofbubbies).
  • Only official BB designs may receive currency in exchange for fanart. Fanart of unofficial designs is allowed, but will not receive benefits.
  • Unofficial BB designs are allowed. These designs, however, may not participate in group events or receive the benefits of items, currency, etc. until an MYO has been purchased and they are added to the masterlist.
  • If you sell unofficial BB designs, YOU MUST specifically state that they are unofficial and require an MYO. Misleading members/potentials will result in an instant ban.
  • Bubbies are obtainable through auctions, flatsales, MYOs, and events. You by no means have to purchase a Bubby to participate in events. Bubbies are also purchasable through the group's currency, which is called coal. Coal is obtainable through participating in events, raffles, and drawing fanart.

 Design Policies

  • Bubby designs may not contain any sort of cultural or religious appropriation. If you are unsure if your design is inspired or appropriating, please read this article here.
  • Designs should not be overtly religious, but may contain light references.
  • That being said, references to any specific demons or devils from popular culture is fine, as long as they are subtle. (i.e. naming a bubby after your favorite DnD demon is fine, whereas creating a bubby that looks exactly like a Demogorgon is not. Creating a Bubby inspired by a Demogorgon is fine.)

Currency (Coal) Policies

  • Coal may absolutely not be traded for any real life currency. You may not exchange coal for points, either.
  • Coal may be traded for the-handbasket items, artwork, or other group's items, via through other players.
  • Coal is earned by submitting fanart and participating in events and raffles. Each piece of fanart is awarded an amount of coal based on the detail level of the art submitted.
  • Coal is used to buy items from the group's marketplace, and to trade for MYOs. Coal may be traded for art and designs as well, as long as it is within the-handbasket group.

Reselling and Trading Policies

  • You may trade or gift MYO slots, but you may not resell them. MYO slots (undesigned) may not be sold or exchanged for points. They may, however, be traded for coal, art, or other MYO slots. They may also be gifted.
  • You may sell, trade, or gift designed MYOs. If you created your own Bubby and wish to sell them, you may. You may not sell them for higher than the amount you paid for them.
  • You may auction off MYO designs with permission from TG-I . If the auction is for a charitable benefit, it may be allowed, but other circumstances are not likely permitted.
  • Bubbies bought through design sales may be resold, but may not be resold for a price higher than what you paid for them.
  • Any design earned from an event or raffle may not be sold. It may be gifted or traded, however.
  • There is a month-long cooldown before an owner can sell their Bubby.
  •  Trades or gifts have a two-week cooldown.

Ban and Group Removal Policies

This is the typical warning/ban process. Abusive, obscene or otherwise extreme behavior will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis by the mod team.
  • The first time someone violates a policy, they receive a warning. (Depending on the level of the offense.) After two warnings, a ban will be issued.
  • Bans last three months and can be appealed through notes. Banned users may submit an appeal ONCE. If multiple appeals are sent, you will be blocked and permabanned.
  • Appeals should be sent in the form of an explanation for your behavior. Mods will consider the reasoning and decide if it is strong enough to lift the ban. Keep in mind that an appeal is not likely to lift your ban unless the reasoning is completely justifiable.
  • A Permaban (lifetime ban) is issued when a user is banned a second time. There is no way to appeal a permaban as it is issued only when truly necessary.