Guide: Using Alchemy

So you've likely stumbled across The Alchemy Shop and seen all the interesting wares... This guide explains how each item in the Alchemy Shop works!


The Basics

The Alchemy Shop is run by The Alchemist, a bubby who loves brewing potions!


"Yes, that's me! Hello!"

The Alchemist not only brews potions, but also researches them! The Alchemist is not the only Bubby creating potions... Some can only be found through strange means. (Such as events and quests.) Once a potion is fully researched, the Alchemist learns how to brew it herself, and shares the information with all of Puraton!

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Mechanically speaking, some potions are always for sale in the Alchemy Shop. For example: Trait Change Potions, Trait Upgrade potions, and rotating trait randomizing potions. However, there are a few rarer potions that can only be obtained via events, raffles, and quests.

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Potions Rundown

Here's a quick rundown of every type of Potion in Puraton:

Trait Change Potions

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Pictured: Common, Uncommon, Rare

Trait Change Potions are pretty basic. You use one on a Bubby with an existing trait, and you can change it to another. 

Trait Upgrade Potions

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Pictured:  Uncommon, Rare

Trait Upgrade Potions upgrade one trait of the lower value to the higher value. For example, you may use an Uncommon trait upgrade on a Bubby with a common trait to make that an uncommon trait. You may use a Rare trait upgrade on a Bubby with an uncommon trait to make that a rare trait. The trait must be one rarity lower than the upgrade in order for it to work.

Trait randomizing Potions

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Pictured:  Necro Potion, Winged Potion, Spooky Potion

Trait Randomizing Potions change one of your existing Bubby's traits into a random one. Potions themselves have rarities (Uncommon, Rare, Ultra Rare) based on the highest rarity trait it's possible for them to grant.


Using Potions - Rules

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So you've found a potion, or bought one, and you'd like to use it on your Bubby! Before using it, keep these rules in mind:


  • Once you've submitted a prompt for a Potion Use on a Bubby, you cannot submit another one until you finish the artwork (or antidote) the previous one.
  • You may NOT edit the original design artwork of your Bubby without explicit permission from the original artist.
  • Trait Change and  Trait Upgrade Potions can NOT be used on traits that have been generated from potions. Traits must be antidoted first.
  • Anyone found to be blatantly abusing the potion system for their own benefit will be issued a warning, and potentially a ban. (As long as what you're doing is in the spirit of having fun, it will not count as abuse of the system!)


Using Potions - How To

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Potions are items that change the physical look of your Bubby, so keep in mind that everytime you use one, you'll have to update the masterlist. In order to do that, follow the following steps:

  • Navigate to the "Submit" dropdown right next to your username (when logged in). Click on it and select "Submit Prompt".
  • In the "Prompt" section of the page, select "Potion Use". You can also just navigate here.
  • Attach the Bubby you'd like to drink the potion(s), then add the potion(s) you'd like to use from your inventory.
  • Once you have everything filled out, hit submit! An admin will get back to you within three days with your results. Once you have your results, it's up to you to submit your new art. 
  • To submit new art for your Bubby, navigate to their page on the masterlist. In the settings section on the left hand side, click on "Update Design". Follow the instructions from there, and you'll have updated your Bubby!

Upgrade Removal

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Pictured: Antidote, Super Antidote

Don't like how your potion results turned out? Don't worry! You can buy an antidote to remove any changes a potion has done. Antidotes can be purchased from The Alchemy Store

  • To remove a potion upgrade, simply submit another "Potion Use" prompt similar to using a regular potion, but instead attach an antidote.
  • Antidotes remove one potion use. Super Antidotes revert your Bubby back to their original design.


Potions FAQ

Q: I plan on having another artist update my art for the masterlist. Do I need their permission before I use my potion?

A: Nope! When you use your potion, it's your responsibility to get art for your Bubby, be it by you or another artist. Just keep in mind that you cannot use potions on your Bubby again until you either use an antidote or update the art on the masterlist.

Q: Can I use several potions at once?

A: Yes! You can use up to ten potions in one "potion use".  Keep in mind that some potions may overlap and replace each other's traits, although it is not likely.

Q: How many potions can I use on a single Bubby?

A: Bubbies can drink potions endlessly! However, once a Bubby drinks the same potion five or more times, it stops being as effective as it would normally be. (Sometimes it may not grant a new trait). This only applies to randomized trait potions, not other ones. If a super antidote is used on a Bubby, it resets their system and potions become more effective again.

Q: Can I use a trait change or upgrade on a randomly granted trait?

A: No. If there's a specific trait you want, you must use an antidote before using the change/upgrade.

Q: What does the "donate potion" prompt do?

A: If you have potions in excess that you'd like to trade in for coal, you can do so by donating them to the Alchemist. Everytime a potion is used or donated, the Alchemist discovers something new about that potion.