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⛺The Summer Melt⛺

Event Period
September 2nd - October 3rd
(Artwork by tgi)


The Summer Melt is here! Pagenta's cold rush lasted far too long this year, delaying the Melt that usually takes place in the Spring. Thanks to Lucy-Fur and his friends, Bubbies looking to enjoy the festivities and start families still can!
During the event period, players can submit prompt entries for tickets and waterTickets (2-icon.png) are used to buy items from the Roving MerchantWater is used to create Beelzebabies.
On that note, Beelzebaby MYOs are open! For more information, check out the prompt in the quicklinks below!
Below, you can find the accompanying story for the event! Normally, we'd release this story in pieces throughout the event, but we decided to release it all at once to give players the choice to pick and choose which parts of their Bubby's story they'd like to illustrate.
Enjoy and have fun, and feel free to ping the staff on discord if you have any questions!


Part One: Planning the Trip

The hands on the clock moved so slowly toward Lucy-Fur’s 3 PM announcement. Most of the businesses in Dis had closed up shop so everyone could attend, since their announcements were always important, fun, or both. No one quite knew what this was about, though the rumor mill was grinding out possibilities. As the bells above rang out three times, the chatter in the crowd fell silent.

“The late melts this spring were such a disappointment,” Lucy-Fur said. “The tracks to Pagenta were too dangerous to attempt. It was truly sad to miss out on the Spring Melt. I know that The Researcher and the Alchademic --”

A cough interrupted Lucy-Fur as the Researcher sputtered and blushed. Page covered her mouth with her paw as she snickered.

Lucy-Fur chuckled and shook their head, continuing, “Many bubbies were not able to start families this past Spring! I talked with the mayor of Pagenta about it all and we decided that a camping trip would be in order!”

Behind Lucy-Fur, a banner unfurled, showing a painting of the Glabara glacier shining with glitter. In front of the glacier, a group of bubby friends roast marshmallows over a campfire.

“You have a few days to prepare! Remember, we’re camping, so pack accordingly! Bring enough blankets and hats, since it gets cold at night. Take a packing list and be sure everyone hears about the plan!”

Part Two: Setting Up Camp

The tent stake drove into the ground with a solid thwap of the hammer. 

“We did it!” Page yelled excitedly, flinging the hammer out of her mouth and across the campsite. At least Lucy-Fur was paying enough attention to duck.

“It certainly is… something,” Lucy-Fur said as they examined the structure. Were tents supposed to be higher on one side than the other? “As long as it keeps us dry tonight, it’ll have done its job! Now, how about we see how everyone else is doing?”

Light filtered through the leaves above as the two bubbies wandered through the trails. It was still sweltering hot during the day, as the end of summer hadn’t yet come. Soon enough, the colors would start to turn from yellow-green to orange, then to brown as Puraton moved through the seasons.

Page galloped ahead, then stopped short. “You’ve got to see this!” she yelled back at Lucy-Fur.

Around the bend in the trail, a tent rose nearly twenty feet off the ground. The fabric door opened near the top of the structure, flapping open to reveal a group of bat-winged bubbies hanging from its ceiling. A pair of young bubbies snoozed in between three adults.

"How adorable!" Lucy-Fur said as they preened. "I can just tell everyone is going to have a grand time."

Part Three: The melt Begins!

The Researcher nervously paces by the Glabara glacier, bottle in hand. If their calculations were correct, the melts today would be the purest water. By 11:32 AM, the indent they made in the ice would be filled enough to fill their bottle. Then they'd bring the bottle back to the tent and the Alchademic would finish the clay mold, and… they'd have a baby.

A shriek of joy came from above, as Page slid down the side of the glacier, off an installed ramp, and landed with a splash in the surrounding lake. She pulled herself out of the water to shake off the icy water and started to climb the glacier again.

'Hey! EIGHT EYES!" Page shouted as she passed by them. Stop worrying and help me with my cannonball. I know you've got some numbers in your head about how to make the biggest splash, and I've got a splashing contest to win!"