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New to Bubbies? Or maybe just need a refresher? You've come to the right place.

This guide will take you through the steps of becoming a full-fledged member of Beelzebubbies, how to participate and interact with this site. 

Part One: The Basics

How to Join the Site + Community


Step One
Read the Species Terms of Service

Now we're not asking you to memorize anything- just make sure you've grazed through and understand the terms of service on the site. However, if you're new to closed species, I recommend reading through once or twice since a lot of the concepts on this site will be new to you.

The most important thing to note would be our policies on cultural appropriation and religious themes. We also have detailed policies on how our ban system works. As long as you don't intentionally violate any of the terms, you should be good!

You may also want to have a quick look at our privacy policy, but it's pretty cookie-cutter. This site does not and never will sell your data or do anything weird with it.

Step Two
Register on Site

This one is pretty straight forward. On the far right of the navbar, you should see an option to register an account. Once you input all the information, you should get an email confirmation from Sarah-Hime the Messenger Bubby within 10-15 minutes (and sometimes longer). Give our email servers time, they're old grandpas and pretty slow but they love their job. Make sure to double check your spam folder, and if you use gmail with sorted inboxes, sometimes it gets sorted into promotions for whatever reason.


Step Three
Link Deviantart Account

In order to receive your own Bubbies, view your inventory and other account features, you need to first connect your deviantart account to your Bubbies account.

(If you mess up and link the wrong account, don't worry! An admin can unlink your account manually. Contact any of the available staff on discord to do this.)

Once your deviantart account is linked, if you had any Bubbies on the masterlist that were already associated with that account, they should automatically connect to you!


Step Four
Join the Discord

Speaking of discord... The last part of joining the community is to join the discord! Since the Lorekeeper base does not currently support commenting (hopefully I'll have to edit this out in the future...) discord will be our primary source of community engagement for the time being. Discord will also be where most important announcements are made the time things change, and where you can give feedback and request help from the admins.

Join the Discord
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