Home of the Beelzebubbies


Puraton is home to a chain of islands all connected by a magical railway.

...    "Hello there! Have we met? Well, either way, I'm a Bubby known as 'The Researcher!' I, well... Research things! As you may of noticed, there are some places missing from the map of Puraton. That's simply because the proper research hasn't been completed yet! Unfortunately, since I am only one Bubby, I can't complete research as fast as I'd like... so I appreciate your patience as we learn more about the vast world of Puraton!"


    "That being said, I proudly present all the information I've collected about Puraton so far! Please, take a look, and perhaps the information might be enough to find your Shrine-friends a suitable home?..."




The Village of Dis

  • Population: Plentiful
  • Biome Type: Temperate, City

Shops, stalls and oddity sellers cram into every possible space in the forum. Single buildings boast signs for four, five, or even six establishments splitting the area with makeshift curtains. Breezes carry the warmth of pastries and butter as visitors pass cafes. Cobblestone streets include well-compacted dirt paths for bubbies that need softer surfaces.

Rather than being a nightmare of urban sprawl, the close quarters are comfortable and homey. Lucy-Fur dreamed of a city for bubbies, where every inhabitant could meet their needs with just a short flight. Neighborhoods built up over time and groups of friends established communal homes. Beelzebaby nurseries and school groups move safely through the city, learning about Puraton and the Angelbubbies as they grow.

Tucked away in the oldest neighborhood is Lucy-Fur’s townhouse. Deciding against a palace or manor, they took up residence in the first house built. Outside, trees blossom year-round and drop pale blue petals over the brick wall. Visitors to the house can’t help but bring some home with them, and pressed flowers are kept as souvenirs of the visit. Lucky bubbies are able to see Lucy-Fur through the window, and even luckier bubbies are invited inside to meet with the angel.

Special Resources
  • Everglow Petals - The flowers that fall outside The First House are soft, creamy petals. Sometimes, Beelzebabies are so excited when they get a whole flower that they eat it!
Notable Bubbies + Traits
  • Lucy-Fur - First Bubby on Puraton, discovered the first Beelzebubby (Page)


Notable Features or Locations
  • Lucy-Fur’s home, known as “The First House
  • The Agricultural Forum - formerly a place for bubbies to purchase fruits and vegetables from farmers, but now a bustling market district
  • The Stamp Booth - This isn’t a booth at all, but an open-air pavilion made to greet newcomers to Dis. It includes a welcome center for tourists with a diorama of the city, coupons for local vendors and special events to welcome new residents. Each bubby who visits the Stamp Booth receives a small booklet, where they can collect stickers or stamps as they visit various places across the city.


  • Population: Few
  • Biome Type: Taiga, Campsites

When the springtime arrives and the glaciers around Pagenta start to melt, the town surges in size. Fairgrounds pop up and inns offer special deals for those who want to bring a baby bubby home with them. Throughout the rest of the year, the town is a quiet retreat for those who want to enjoy the mountain lakes. The glacier itself is barely outside the formal structure of the town. In the summer, aquatic bubbies swim in the lake and arctic bubbies cool down on the ice. Most of the residents were at first tourists to the town that fell in love with it on their annual visits. With the growth of the tourism industry and newcomers deciding to move in permanently, there’s plenty of room for new businesses!



Special Resources
  • Glacier Water - Used in the creation of Beezlebabies! The purer the water, the more unique the baby. Comes in lite, uncommon and rare
Notable Events
  • The Spring Melt - Spring-Summer Annually


Notable Features or Locations
  • Glabara Glacier
  • Gentle Retreat Inn
  • Flowering Dogwood Fairgrounds
  • All-You-Can’t-Eat Buffet




Ammon Forest

  • Population: Vast
  • Biome Type: Coniferous, Temperate

The Ammon Forest contains remnants of the previous civilizations on Puraton. Underneath the shelter of old growth trees, bubbies live hidden from the worst of the elements. Some of the trees have been standing for thousands of years. Legend says some of the trees can speak with bubbies if a bubby invests the time into making the tree their friend. Likewise, between the safety granted by the trees and the magical energies of the forests, the bubbies here age slowly and live particularly long lives. Like most older bubbies, those that live there don't like it when outsiders cause a stir. They will allow well-behaved outsiders permission to explore what remains. Many bubbies in this forest make their homes in ruins.

Special Resources
  • Healing Sap - A rare type of maple tree grows in the Ammon forest that produces a healing syrup. Attempts to grow these maples outside of Ammon have generally failed. Researchers can’t decide if the unique climate or the magical energies are what make it an ideal location for these trees. They do agree that the forest must be protected so that this sap can be made available in emergencies
  • Relics of the Past Civilization - Relics litter the area. Any bubby with a spare afternoon could easily fill a sack with bits and bobbles, though the local bubbies prevent outsiders from taking anything unique or extremely valuable.
Notable Bubbies + Traits

Bubbies living in Ammon tend to have traits associated with forest bubbies and strong magical energies.

  • The Researcher - While the Researcher doesn’t live in the forest, they have been granted special permission to explore the ruins. However, they’ve recently started taking Page with them, whose rambunctious nature has been jeopardizing their relationships with the locals.


Notable Features or Locations
  • Abandoned Human Library
  • Ruins
  • Old Oak Grove


Ol' Shucky

  • Population: ???
  • Biome Type: Freshwater Wetlands
"Old Shucky’ll steal your fun, one-by-one...
Old Shucky’ll break your bones, two-by-two
Old Shucky’ll bend your knees, three-by-three
Old Shucky’ll slam the door, four-by-four
Old Shucky’ll take your lives, five-by-five"
As the site of mystery, legend, and horror stories, Old Shucky tends to inspire terror and fear. The gnarled trees that rise out of the shallow waters only add to the swamp’s mystique. However, in recent time, it has turned into a haven for bubbies that prefer solitude and quiet. After all, if visitors are afraid of what lurks beneath the water, they’re not likely to come by.
The legends that surround Old Shucky focus more on the inhabitants. The place crawls with cryptids. Of course, confirmation of these bubbies is nearly impossible to come by. A small museum boasts hides and paintings of the swamp’s inhabitants. Between the questionable provenance of evidence and the low quality, proof is far from conclusive.


Special Resources
  • Who knows?....




Notable Bubbies + Traits
  • Old Shuckman - the cryptid that the swamp is named after. He appears as a large, looming man shrouded in black. Some people say he has a shaggy coat with matted fur, while others say the coat is made from the skin of the bubbies that crossed him.


Notable Features or Locations
  • The Society for Cryptid Preservation and Prosperity - A museum and meeting hall for bubbies that focus on finding evidence of cryptids and protecting them from harm.



The Shifting Esnan

  • Population: A Good Amount
  • Biome Type: Perpetual Autumn, Deciduous 
The Shifting Esnan forest brims with wild magic and primal forces. These forces lock the land in perpetual autumn. The trees brim with perfectly crisped leaves. The hint of winter lies in each rustling breeze. Anyone who prefers the fall would find The Shifting Esnan to be an excellent vacation.
However, the inherent instability of magic brings complications with it. Animals (and, on occasion, Bubbies) that spend their lives within the forest undergo subtle changes. One fox from the forest bore fur with an ever-shifting pattern that mimicked the stars above. Other species have been known to grow to immense sizes, while some shrunk. Most of the flora and fauna in these woods have some sort of magical energy or affinity, and it’s only up to the imagination what else lies within its borders.
Notable Events
  • The Lunar Festival - The Lunar Festival begins in late autumn. With the Shifting Esnan’s natural cycles, bubbies begin to flock to the area as soon as someone mentions the changing of leaves. The Fair itself appears when the time is right. There’s no large planning committee or preparation. One day, the booth simply appear, staffed by strange beings from other worlds.
Notable Bubbies + Traits
  • Astral Bubbies tend to congregate in the shifting Esnan, despite their origins being from outside of Puraton...


Special Resources
  • Maple Leaf Treats - Manufactured out for the harvest festivals, these candied leaves are given to children as treats. However, too many can make beezlebaby tummies hurt!
  • Pollen Satchels - These satchels are prized by magicians. The pollen from the plants in the forest retains its magical properties, making it a valuable reagent in spells.

Iki-Iki Reefs

  • Population: Many
  • Biome Type: Coral Reefs, Islands
Water-based bubbies live in tightly-knit communities built into the Iki-Iki Reefs. Between the shallow waters, the sunny days, and the seaweed forests, the reefs are one of the best places for bubbies to live! Like most reefs, they’re a living creature. While more research needs to be done regarding the precise nature of the coral, early indicators show that they have similar cellular make-up as bubbies. Perhaps the same magic used by bubbies are what keeps these reefs alive? With the living nature of the reefs, bubbies see them as a family member more than a home. It’s common to invite the reef to your party and to make sure they enjoy the refreshments!
The reefs themselves are a stony coral with distinctive yellow coloration from the sulfur vents. Shoals provide a common meeting space for both aquatic and land-based bubbies. Anenomies, sea cucumbers and other invertebrates provide ample foraging opportunities.


Special Resources
  • Spiced Seaweed - A local treat that involves sprinkling sulfur on dried sheets of seaweed. Tasty!
  • Sulfur Salt - Harvested off the reef, this is a delicacy sought by many bubbie chefs. It’s commonly used outside the reefs to provide an “Iki Iki taste”.


Notable Bubbies + Traits
  • The majority of the population contains Bubbies with Aquatic traits- Fins, tails, etc... But with the scattered islands around the reefs, it's entirely possible for non-aquatic Bubbies to also find their home in the reef!


Notable Features or Locations
  • Reefs
  • Seaweed Forest
  • Islands