Part Three: Obtaining a Bubby

Now, for the final part of our tutorial: We'll go over the different ways to obtain your very own Bubby!


1st: Purchasing an Adoptable


The easiest way to obtain a Beelzebubby is by buying an adoptable. Sets come up monthly, both by official artists and guest artists, and can be purchased from a variety of price points. Bubbies are usually sold in batches in the form of auctionsOTA (offer to adopts), or Flatsales. These batches are hosted on deviantart and twitter, and can be purchased from either.

Auctions usually have a set deadline (24 hours after the last bid) and go to the highest bidder across platforms. You can place bids by either commenting or dming the seller directly.

OTAs (aka Offer to Adopts) are adoptables open to offers. These are the most common type of sales for Beelzebubbies. They don't have a set deadline.

Flatsales are Bubbies that are set at a flat price, open to first come first served after a 12 hour period.

2nd: Purchase an MYO (Make your Own)

MYOs (aka Make-Your-Owns) are an item that grants you the ability to create your own Bubby design based off it's corresponding rarity. (Rarities are Common, Uncommon, Rare, Ultra Rare, and Special as seen above)

MYOs can be purchased from THE HOARD with coal, a currency earned by participating in the site, mainly by drawing or writing about Bubbies. You do not need to already own a Bubby to earn coal- you can always draw or write for another person and earn coal that way! 

It is possible to obtain MYOs with USD, but only when specific sales are up. You can always check the news to see if any sales are going on.

You can also obtain MYOs from other users, as there are an abundance of them floating around. Ask around in the discord, and you might get lucky!


3rd: XTas (X to Adopt)

An XTA is an adoptable, or multiple adoptables, that don't require money to purchase. (It's possible that XTA has multiple meanings, this is just the one that we're familiar with.)

XTAs on Beelzebubbies come in the form of DTAs (Draw to Adopt), WTAs (Write to Adopt), and Raffles

DTAs and WTAs require you to draw or write for the adoptable for a chance to win it. They can either be judged or rolled randomly. Each DTA/WTA will have it's own specific rules.

Raffles are adoptables that only require luck! A random roll decides who the new owner will be.

Adoptables like this usually come with big events, so stay tuned in to the news for those!


You've done it! Now you're ready to explore the world of Puraton!