Part Two: How to use this site

Now we'll go through each section of the site and explain what it is and how to use it!



The very first link in the navbar is the news. This is pretty self-explanatory: clicking on the news tab will bring up the news feed, with all the latest updates.


The Home tab contains everything personal to you- your Bubbies, your Inventory, and your Bank.

The My Bubbies tab contains all the designs you own that are currently on the masterlist. From there, you can:

  • Attach Items to your Bubby (Character > Inventory)
  • View their Change Log (History > Change Log)
  • Decorate your Bubby's profile (Settings > Edit Profile)
  • Transfer them to other Users (Settings > Transfer)
  • Request an Update to their Design (Settings > Update Design) (Make sure you've read about updating designs before doing this)

Your Inventory is a collection of items you've earned via the ARPG. From here you can transfer items to other users, or even delete items you don't want anymore.

Your Bank is where all your currencies are held. The primary currency is Coal, which is earned by submitting art to the Claims department. Any other currencies are earned through events.



The To-Do tab contains all of the interactive elements of the ARPG.

Events are special, limited edition activities for users to participate in. Events usually last a month or two and have special rewards such as awards and special items.

Quests are prompt chains that explore an individual Bubby's storyline. Each prompt usually asks for a piece of art or writing exploring a piece of the story. Quests can be limited edition (usually indicated by date) but are mostly permanent. Quests can only be completed once per Bubby.

Activities are ways to interact with the world that don't usually require art or writing. Activities can be things like feeding your Bubby a potion (which would require art, as it changes their design), or visiting a traveling NPC that could grant you a special item.



The Submit tab is for inputting anything that requires correspondence. 

Claims are an open forum for you to submit things to the staff. For example, You can submit any artwork that you created for an award of additional coal. Claims are detailed on this page here [link required].

The Design Approvals page allows you to review any design updates you've put through the system.  Unlike other Lorekeeper systems, Beelzebubbies does not use the MYO (make your own) system integrated in the site. If you would like yo use an MYO, you must instead submit a claim. More about this is detailed in the design guide.

The Character Transfers page details all your pending character transfers, similar to the design approval page. To transfer a character to another user, go to that character's specific page.

The Trades page is specifically for trading items between users. You can use this to send gifts to friends, trade items for art, or even items for designs.


Browse contains various informational sections to browse at your leisure.

Guides is a list of guides for various tasks, including the one you're reading right now!

Lists include the User List and Masterlist. The User List is pretty self-explanatory, the Bubby Masterlist is a list of every official Bubby in the system. These Bubbies are the only ones allowed to participate in official events, quests, and prompts.

The Raffles page contains every raffle ever rolled for complete transparency.


The World tab is the fun tab! 

Explore allows you to visit different parts of the world. Shops contain places where you can buy things with currency. Puraton is the world where Bubbies live, and has all the information you need to start building your Bubby's backstory.

The Encyclopedia has a visual list of all possible TraitsSubspecies, and Items. Traits are used when designing your Bubby, and are very important for designing an accurate Bubby! You can read more about this in the design guide.

Lore contains all the written Lore we currently have about Beelzebubbies. The Researcher is always researching, so this is bound to change over time as we learn more! You can use these tabs to help develop your characters and bring your designs to life.

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