<a href=", Watermelon" class="display-item">Bandanna, Watermelon</a>

Bandanna, Watermelon

Category: Accessories

I swear whoever made this fabric infused it with the scent of fresh watermelon on a hot day...

<a href=", Lemonade" class="display-item">Bandanna, Lemonade</a>

Bandanna, Lemonade

Category: Accessories

Anyone else love the fresh taste of Lemonade after a long hot day?... 

<a href="'s Gift" class="display-item">Persephone's Gift</a>

Persephone's Gift

Category: Accessories

Though beautiful, white lilies have a chilling connotation. Bubbies who adorn them may be harboring secret kin with the underworld.

<a href="'s Gift" class="display-item">Hades's Gift</a>

Hades's Gift

Category: Accessories

For some reason, it reminded them of spring.

<a href=", Pink Lemonade" class="display-item">Bandanna, Pink Lemonade</a>

Bandanna, Pink Lemonade

Category: Accessories

It's like regular lemonade... But Pink!!

<a href=", Limeade" class="display-item">Bandanna, Limeade</a>

Bandanna, Limeade

Category: Accessories

Zesty, delicious lime... Goes great with a cola or some vacation juice!

<a href=" Potion" class="display-item">Sparkling Potion</a>

Sparkling Potion

Category: Potions

The pink liquid inside the vial reflects the sparkles of joy in your eye!

<a href=" Potion" class="display-item">Heart Potion</a>

Heart Potion

Category: Potions

It smells like heart candies... And tastes like them too!

<a href=" Potion" class="display-item">Mystery Potion</a>

Mystery Potion

Category: Potions

Represents a random mystery potion

<a href=" Potion" class="display-item">Angelic Potion</a>

Angelic Potion

Category: Potions

It glows so bright it burns! And it's hot to the touch.

<a href=" Potion" class="display-item">Spooky Potion</a>

Spooky Potion

Category: Potions

It smells like pumpkin spice with a strong kick of cinnamon!

<a href=" Potion" class="display-item">Winged Potion</a>

Winged Potion

Category: Potions

This rare potions seems to of sprouted wings.


<a href=" Potion" class="display-item">Necro Potion</a>

Necro Potion

Category: Potions

I never knew a potion to be so... spiky. And what's that smell?


<a href=" Potion" class="display-item">Aqua Potion</a>

Aqua Potion

Category: Potions

This potion seems to be brimming with sea water! Tastes kinda salty-sweet, too...

<a href=" Potion" class="display-item">Glowing Potion</a>

Glowing Potion

Category: Potions

The golden, glowing liquid inside this vial smells like honey and looks tasty.

<a href=" Potion" class="display-item">Psionic Potion</a>

Psionic Potion

Category: Potions

I just have a good feeling about this potion!


<a href=" Potion" class="display-item">Darkness Potion</a>

Darkness Potion

Category: Potions

The swirling darkness inside this potion is eerie, but smells like vanilla!

<a href=" Potion" class="display-item">Lunar Potion</a>

Lunar Potion

Category: Potions

It glows with the intensity of a miniature moon. The liquid tastes like cheese!

<a href=" Potion" class="display-item">Verdant Potion</a>

Verdant Potion

Category: Potions

This potion tastes like delicious, sweet matcha!


<a href="" class="display-item">Pseudobaby</a>


Category: Companions

For Bubbies who feel a baby is too much of a commitment... There's the Pseudobaby! 

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