Item Categories

<a href="" class="display-category">Accessories</a>


Characters can own 10 items in this category!
<a href="" class="display-category">Companions</a>


Characters can own 2 items in this category, as well as name them!


Items that can be consumed by players.

<a href=" Items" class="display-category">Crafting Items</a>

Crafting Items

Items used to craft things... Their use is currently unknown.

(Future items used to craft accessories and other objects)

Sneaks and Snacks

Tasty treats and scary feats! Obtainable from the 2019 Lunar Festival and other events or quests.

Seasonal - Grand Opening

Items originally obtainable from The Grand Opening Celebration.

Seasonal - Summer Melt

Characters can own items in this category!

Items earned from theĀ Summer Melt Event 2020 and so on.

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