[Gift] [Bubby-Tober] The End of Poems

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13. Rainy Fall Day - 38 words - Vincent

Ah, most oftentimes I find myself wand’ring down the bays—

Oftentimes, indeed, on the most rainy of Fall days.

I beachcomb, searching often for the things that time forgot,

For I, Vincent, oftentimes find what I have sought.


14. Under Blankets - 50 words - Cricket

My name is Cricket and I must confess-- my favorite fall-time hobby,

I love curling up with a newfound book and blanket, not too snobby!

The cooler breezes during Lunarfest set the atmosphere just right—

And so I find myself curling up, warm and cozy, reading for the night.


15. Watching the Stars - 58 words - Mizuki

On chill Fall nights what puts me at ease is gazing at the sky,

I, Mizuki, look for stars at night, and look up just to sigh—

The beauty of it all just inspires me and makes me feel so free!

I’m just so thankful that I have that time and space to feel so full with glee.

[Gift] [Bubby-Tober] The End of Poems
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In Bubby-Tober Prompts 2021 ・ By mewhaku

Total word count: 146 words.

THE END- all 15 prompts done in poetry form. Thanks for all the volunteers!

My commission info is here + other info (Patreon) is also here on my cardd!

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