Posted 3 years ago by tgi

Howdy y'all!

In case you haven't noticed, Bubbies has been a little quiet lately... Don't worry: we're still here. Bubbies has been on a semi-unofficial hiatus since November as both master admins sort out real life stuff. (As you can tell, real life is a bit a crazy mess right now)

Currently, I (tgi) have been working back up slowly to getting Bubbies to an active state. There are tentative plans to bring things to full speed late 2021. 

We do see your submissions and will go through them as soon as we come back from hiatus! Thank you all so much for being patient with us. <3

(also I will have awards for the summer melt and for everyone's patience during this 
crazy time ready at that time as well asfkgsdg)



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