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Posted 3 years ago by tgi


Howdy everyone!! I realized I hadn't done an introductory news post yet, so here it is!  Welcome to the new Beelzebubbi.es site!!
This site is currently a work in progress, so some functions may be broken or unusable. If you notice anything that isn't working, please report it to the discord ASAP!

In the meantime... there's a few changes to the Bubbies system that old members should be aware of.

Traitlist Changes

A few traits have changed in rarity. If your MYO (or custom) Bubby had this trait previously, their rarity will be upgraded to reflect their highest trait value. (If your Bubby has not been updated, please alert the staff via discord!)

Trait Name Previous Rarity New Rarity
Horns, Extra Wide and Horns, Extra Long Uncommon Rare
Heads, Two Uncommon Rare
Heads, Three Rare Ultra Rare
Eyes, Red and Dark Scelra Common Uncommon
Eyes, Colored Sclera Uncommon Rare
Eyes, Third Eye Uncommon Rare

A few traits have also changed names (due to similarities in naming with other traits)

Old Trait Name New Trait Name
Ears, Goat Ears, Classic
Sigil, Star Sigil, Classic
Eyes, Goat Eyes, Classic
Horns, Curved Horns, Ram

...and finally, traits that were originally combinable are now only combinable with traits of equal or lesser value. You must spend an additional trait upgrade to combine traits with ones of higher or special rarity.


There's also a brand new Getting Started Guide that can help you if you're brand new to the Lorekeeper system.  The guide goes over, in detail, how to set up an account, and navigate the site. (Though, if you're here, you've likely already completed the first part!)

There's also a brand new Design Guide that you may want to read over again if you're designing a new Bubby. Our submission rules have changed (and are likely to change again as we adjust things on the site).

Things to Come...

We know that Bubbies was on a semi-official hiatus for some time, but we have some exciting things planned for the future! Some of those things include:

  • Brand New Personal Quests
  • Guest Artist Applications Re-Opening
  • Character-Specific Awards and Achievements
  • Accessories Shop + Crafting System
  • Bubby of the Month
  • Seasonal Events and Prompts
  • ....and more!

We hope you guys enjoy your time on the new Bubbies site! And please, if you notice any craziness, just let any staff member know on the discord!

See you around!!



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