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Potion Donation

Potion Donation

Help Discover the Uses of Unknown Potions!


If you'd prefer not to take chances by drinking potentially dangerous potions, you can donate them instead! Each potion donated will be removed from your inventory and assist in discovering the potion's use instead.

In order to donate potions, complete this prompt and list the potion(s) you'd like to donate.


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Potion Use

Potion Use

Change your physical features by drinking potions!


Potions are items that change the physical look of your Bubby. Because of this, each time you use an item, your Bubby requires an updated look on the masterlist.

Steps to Using a Potion

Bullet; BlueWhen you have a potion you'd like to use (any potion!) submit a prompt with following information: 

Link to Bubby on Masterlist: [x]
Potion You're Using: [x]
Custom Service or Upgrading Yourself?: (Clarify if you're purchasing a custom or instead upgrading your Bubby yourself.)

Bullet; Blue 
Within a couple of days, an admin will get back to you with your new traits! (If you're using a trait upgrade or change potion, no need to wait for admin approval. Skip straight to the art part!)

Bullet; Red Bullet; RedIf you're using a random trait potion and don't like the trait you received, you can always use an antidote. You can buy this at the Alchemy Shop Bullet; Red Bullet; Red  

Bullet; BlueOnce you have your traits, you need to create new art for the masterlist. This piece does NOT need to be a brand new piece of art. It can be a simple edit of an existing piece! Just make sure that you have permission from the original artist if you're going to edit their work.  


Potions FAQ

Q: Can I use Potions even if their uses haven't been discovered?
A: Absolutely! Just because their uses haven't been discovered doesn't mean you can't still take a chance.

Q: I plan on having another artist update my art for the masterlist. Do I have to have their permission before I use my potion?
A: Not necessarily. Just make sure the artist isn't too busy to do updates to your design, as keep in mind you cannot use another potion until your masterlist artwork is updated. (You may, however, use an antidote to reverse it)

Q: Can I use several potions at once?
A: Yes! You can use as many potions as you want. Just know that some potions may overlap and change the same trait multiple times (which, actually, is pretty funny to imagine)

Q: How many potions can I use on a single Bubby?
A: Bubbies can drink potions endlessly! However, after they drink the same potion over five times, it stops being as effective as it used to be. (It has a higher chance of granting no new traits.) This only applies to random trait change potions, not regular ones.

Q: Can I use a trait change or upgrade potion on a randomly granted trait?
A: The answer is no. If there's a specific trait you want, you have to use an antidote to reverse the potion use and then use upgrades instead!



Bullet; YellowOnce you've queued a potion use on a Bubby, you cannot use another potion until you complete the new artwork for that potion use.
Bullet; YellowDo NOT edit artwork without permission from the original artist. You may edit your own work as you please!
Bullet; YellowTrait change potions CANNOT be used on traits granted from random trait potions. This ruins the spirit of how random trait potions work.
Bullet; YellowAfter a Bubby consumes the same potion five times, a small compounding chance is added that the potion will "fail", or grant a trait they already possess.
Bullet; YellowRandom trait potions will never replace ORIGINAL or UPGRADED traits that are rarer than the random trait rolled. They will, however, replace them if they are of the same rarity.
Bullet; YellowAnyone found to be blatantly abusing the potion system for their own benefit will be issued a warning, and potentially a ban. (As long as what you're doing is in the spirit of having fun, it will not count as abuse of the system!)   


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