Design Guide




Beelzebabies are the young versions of Beelzebubbies. They're, well.... Babies!



Key Traits

Key Traits are traits that must be included in the design in order for a subspecies to be accepted.

Small Horns (or Lack Thereof) Dirt on Head + Back Unformed Sigil
Baby Baby_Sample3.jpg Baby_Sample2.jpg
Beelzebubby-105 Beelzebubby-051 Beelzebubby-042
Horns can be small or completely non-existent.  Dirt must be brown or slightly close to brown in tone. If you used an MYO of a higher rarity, you may include green sparkles or orange stones (as seen in uncommon and rare MYOs respectively) Unformed sigils are similar to their final sigil, but usually in a form that's in pieces.




Special Traits

Beelzebabies use the same traits as Beelzebubbies. Beelzebaby traits are rolled at creation and cannot be chosen (the exception being special circumstances).
They do not have any special traits aside from their mystery (???) traits.




Here are some existing samples of Beelzebabies if you need inspiration or reference!



When Designing a Beelzebaby... are some final things to keep in mind:

  • Make sure their sigils are "half formed". Have them either split into two pieces or a vague shape that's similar to the sigil they would have in adulthood.
  • Don't forget the DIRT! They have a clump on dirt on their head AND on their back.
  • Beelzebabies do NOT have wings!
  • Babies can have small horns, or none at all. If you're trying to decide whether or not to give them horns,  think about what kind they have  and if a smaller version would fit well on the design. Feel free to ask in the discord for advice!
  • Make sure their proportions are baby-like: big ears, big head, short legs... Look at existing Beelzebabies for inspiration and ideas.
  • As with all Beelzebubby designs: don't forget the eyelashes!
  • And of course, most importantly:


Have fun designing your new Beelzebaby!!