[Bubby-Tober] Another Quartet of Poems

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5. Cozy Outfit - Cadence - 46 words.

I, Cadence, watch the seasons, as the Autumn winds begin to blow-

It is critical of course to stay comfortable you know.

I find my favorite clothes of choice to be: a well furred hat,

Woolen sweater, fluffy boots, and and scarf that lays quite flat.


6. Sneak or Snacking - Kolja - 92 words.

As I have grown, I, Kolja, have watched young Bubbies play-

All Lunarfest they must Sneak or Snack to keep others at bay.

If you would ask my preferred choice I’d say Sneaking for sure,

It feels just right for any Bubby to commit an act so pure!


Pureness of heart ensures that Sneaking is done with glee,

Sneaking should involve fun for everyone, not cause others to flee!

Snacking is also oh so nice but surely not so timed,

Considering one can do that all year, should one so be primed!


7. Favorite Sneak - Apollo - 42 words.

Hi, I’m Apollo and my favorite Sneak involves—

Pranks and tricks for sure, and I’m the one that solves,

The mystery of who moved that, or strange happenings perchance,

For certain it is really fun to watch others with their confused glance!


8. Favorite Snack - Artemis - 43 words.

My brother Apollo loves Sneaks for sure, I, Artemis, do not—

I prefer my Snacks as they come much more easily fought!

Costuming and visiting other Bubbies brings me hope and fun,

I really love Gummy Worms, and want to grab a ton!T

[Bubby-Tober] Another Quartet of Poems
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In Bubby-Tober Prompts 2021 ・ By mewhaku

Total Word Count: 223 words.

More poems!!! 4 more, in fact.

My commission info is here + other info (Patreon) is also here on my cardd!

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