[Bubby-Tober] A Quartet of Poems

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1. Lunarfest Costume - Lind - 92 words.

Hi, my name is Lind, I’m a fan of Lunarfest!

My witchy costume certainly is better than the rest—

I love my hat and darkened eyes and glowing wings for sure.

My daily dress is certainly part of my costume’s allure!


I try all year to do my best to play a spooky part,

Truth be told I am very witchy near and dear in my heart.

Is this really a costume? Can my witch hat be for show?

I’m not sure, but I love Lunarfest, and will shine with brightest glow!


2. Favorite Fall Snack - Alatheia - 46 words.

Alatheia is my name, I’m a bit small and sweet,

Hot chocolate with extra marshmallows is my favorite treat!

My mom taught me how to make it, and ensured I did my best—

Because at the end of the day, a warm cocoa helps you rest!


3. Frolicking in the Leaves - Koralia - 102 words.

Koralia some call me, though I am rather small and shy.

I more oftentimes spend my days swimming, but fall had caught my eye—

Other Bubbies had told me of the joys of all kinds of leaves,

But I was quite too nervous, and chilled heavily by the breeze.


One day I caught my courage, and tried to join some crews,

Even if I felt a bit silly, and that frolicking in leaf piles was a ruse.

As I felt myself relaxing, I felt all my troubles float away,

And truly I had such a great time on that golden Autumn day!


4. Mushroom Hunting - Ambri - 105 words.

Ah, what strange breezes carry me on such a foggy forest day—

My name is Ambri, and on a mushroom hunt do I carry myself away.

I must travel while the fog obscures my frightful visage so

That I do not disturb the other visitors looking to and fro


Only the most delicious of the mushrooms do we all search for the most!

Even if some Bubbies like to pretend they know it all, they simply just boast—

Finding the freshest and most rare mushrooms is a rather difficult quest,

At least if I scare off my competition, I think I’ll find only the best.

[Bubby-Tober] A Quartet of Poems
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In Bubby-Tober Prompts 2021 ・ By mewhaku

Some fun poems~

My commission info is here + other info (Patreon) is also here on my cardd!

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