Sigil, O

Sigil, O (Common)

Category: Sigil
Species: Beelzebubby

O Bubbies are stalwart protectors, both emotionally and physically. These bubbies are keen on reading their friends and never fail to rush to their friends’ aid. Magic tends to come very easily for them: especially in healing forms.
O Bubbies can come from any region but prefer pastures with other bubbies or mountains.

Sigil, Odd Location

Sigil, Odd Location (Ultra Rare)

Category: Sigil
Species: Beelzebubby

There’ve been rumors that bubbies can have a sigil someplace other than their forehead, but it seems to be an ultra-rare occurrence.

*This trait may be combined with a trait of equal or lesser value, or an additional trait upgrade must be used to combine with a special trait or higher.

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