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Welcome to Puraton!

Home of the Magical lil' Demons, Beelzebubbies!



We are a closed species ARPG, otherwise known as an 🎨📝Art Roleplaying Game. You interact with the world, earn currency, and complete quests all by creating artwork (either writing, drawing, or whatever form of media you prefer!)

Note: You must have a deviantart account to participate. You, however, do not need a deviantart to sign up.




EVENT : The Summer Melt 
September 3rd - October 3rd


MYOs : Beelzebaby MYOs Open!
September 3rd - October 3rd


Featured Bubby


[September - October]

Drawing this Bubby during this time period will earn you DOUBLE coal!

New to bubbies?

Check out our three-part 🌱Getting Started guide!